Well, That Kinda Sucks, Doesn’t It?

To “to woo wine and spirits consumers,” according the Shanken News Daily, Americans are to receive the national roll-out of Blue Moon Vintage Blonde Ale 2012, an 8.5% alcohol wheat beer brewed with chardonnay grape juice, packaged in a 750ml bottle. This comes from Tenth and Blake, the specialty arm of MillerCoors, which is the name under which MolsonCoors operates in the USA (in a joint venture with SABMiller).

Canadians? For the same purpose, we get Coors Light Iced T.


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5 responses to “Well, That Kinda Sucks, Doesn’t It?

  1. Mike

    Reading that, it sounds like you are upset that Canadians are being deprived of another “fine product” from the people who brought you Coors Light Ice T. It seems to me that you should be proud.

    • stephenbeaumont

      Well, Mike, I’ve not tasted the Blue Moon beer, but other I respect have and report that it’s quite nice.

  2. Mike

    I have tasted it, though it was a long time ago. It was an attempt by an industrial brewery to make a Belgian wit beer. It was on par with their attempt to make a German lager beer.

    • stephenbeaumont

      You’re thinking of the regular Blue Moon, Mike. This is a specialty line extension. See Jeff’s post below for more details.

  3. I think that’s the beer they brought to the blogger conference last year. If so, it’s a respectable beer. It’s not going to challenge Consecration (I found it a bit too sweet), but you couldn’t fault them for failing to compete head to head with craft breweries. Truth be told, it’s exactly the kind of beer MillerCoors should be making to build craft cred.

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