Who Am I?

My name is Stephen Beaumont, and in brief, I’m a very lucky guy. Why? Well, for well over two decades now, I’ve made the bulk of my living travelling around the world, tasting and writing about beer. I got started in the very early 1990’s with a column in the largest circulation edition of Canada’s largest circulation newspaper – again, I’m a lucky guy! – and never looked back. In the years since, I’ve written for a ridiculous variety of publications, from Wine Enthusiast Magazine to The Celebrator, Playboy to Ale Street News, The International Herald Tribune to Whisky Advocate and City Bites to Nation’s Restaurant News. I’ve also written, co-written or contributed to a dozen books, including The Pocket Beer Guide (Pocket Beer Book 2014 in the U.K.) and  The World Atlas of Beer, both co-written with Tim Webb.

When I’m not tasting, talking about or writing about beer, I taste, talk about and write about spirits, cocktails and food, with the occasional foray into travel journalism. I’m proud to say that my work regularly appears in eight magazines and is more irregularly published in at least six or eight other publications, ranging from online journals to conventional newspapers and full-colour glossies.

In the past several years, I have become fairly active in the hospitality trade, as well, trying desperately to convince restaurateurs and restaurant and bar companies that it really is worth their while to teach their staff about beer. My nemesis is the frozen, shaker-style pint glass filled right to the rim with ice-cold beer, with nary a millimeter of space remaining for foam.

If you want to get in touch with me, please do! I welcome samples of beers and spirits I cannot otherwise get my hands on and am only too happy to email you the instructions on how to get them here. I will be equally delighted to discuss appearing at your event, hosting your dinner or tasting, helping to train your staff or almost anything else beer-related. Feel free to leave a comment below if you’d like me to get back to you; it will not appear on the page, but I will receive a notification email and respond as soon as I am able. .


24 responses to “Who Am I?

  1. Stephen,

    It was great meeting you tonite at the Tales of the Cocktail beer event. Hope you liked our NOLA beers! If you’re ever in town again please call me and stop by the brewery!


    Jeremy Labadie

  2. dude have you ever tryied any estonian beers?

    like a. le. coq premium

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  7. Maggie

    Thank you, Stephen. I really do love your work.

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  11. Tim

    Hi Steve,

    I recently got the works atlas of beer as a Christmas present, having requested it after being fortunate enough to eves drop on your interview with Tim Webb in volo this fall. I was back in England for Christmas and was presented with the English edition. I was disappointed to see the cover of the English print features a close up shot of a bright yellow foamy lager which is something the book is trying to advocate thinking beyond. Why do you think the publishers did that? Cheers

    • stephenbeaumont

      I actually quite like the U.K. cover, Tim. A golden lager — or it could be an ale, who’s to know? — can be a great beer, and in the cover’s case, also a beautiful one.

  12. Malet

    I write from Belgium. One ot the most famous and among the best beers is in danger. The Trappist beer or Rochefort.
    Thank you to sign the petition and to send it to all your friends.
    See Tridaine.be or open https://www.lapetition.be/en-ligne/Sauvez-la-source-de-Tridaine-et-la-Trappiste-de-Rochefort-13119.html

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  14. Hi Stephen,
    Since we are new friends on facebook, you’ll be getting my new postings at any rate, but I want to introduce you to my blog on Israeli craft beers: http://www.IsraelBrewsAndViews.blogspot.com
    Please have a look. Some of the more interesting things that are happening over here do not appear on the TV evening news.
    If you would like to include me in your Blogroll, I’ll be happy to do the same for you.
    Doug Greener

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