The Food Babe Thought She Could Spread Paranoia Among Beer Drinkers. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

There’s this pile of bullshit being spread around the Internet today courtesy of a presumed charlatan called the Food Babe. It involves ingredients in beer. Please don’t read her demented ramblings. Instead, read this and this.

That is all.


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6 responses to “The Food Babe Thought She Could Spread Paranoia Among Beer Drinkers. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

  1. Under the “Instead read this and this” list – here’s another great one from Forbes calling out her “quackmail” tactics.

  2. Beer has been around for a zillion years and has been the catalyst for many a brilliant, witty insight and invention. Ignoring the occasional punch-up due to late night miscommunications, how can such a wonderful liquid possibly be bad for us?

  3. Unfortunately, the reality is somewhere in between. There are many other ingredients that AB- or miller or coors use. Ask them to follow the same ingredient listing rules as that applied for other fermented foods like yogourt or cheese….you will see a very different list. They are not disclosing brewing salts, exogenous enzymes, hop extracts, antifoams, corn (or more accurately, the form the corn takes – grits? flakes? syrup? – likewise for the rice). They ARE using these things but they are obfuscating the truth by not disclosing it in response to the crazy lady. She’s a loonie but her point is worthy of a full, honest answer. This has not been rendered by any of the big boy brewers. Are any of these things dangerous? Certainly not when used appropriately…we just all seem too willing to accept the pap they feed us… I support full ingredient listing on all products…many brewers do not. Why? you might ask…ask them….

    • James

      I’ve seen more frequent additive” use among home and micro brewers than the big guys. When I’ve asked any of them what goes into their beers, I always get full disclosure. Nothing to be ashamed of.

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