Will Work for Beer in Wisconsin?

This is, admittedly, a rather cheesy way to get together a free workforce, but in southern Ontario people voluntarily get out of bed in the wee hours to harvest frozen grapes destined for  icewine — all for the experience and a bottle of the nectar-like liquid — so why not bribe hop-pickers with beer, says I?

Simple Earth Hops in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, is hosting a hop harvest party on Saturday, August 20, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Included in your hop picking adventure is hop education, hopyard tours and a sampling of local beers, followed by a community potluck at the end of it all.

Details and registration info is available over here. It might be a hot and sweaty way to spend a Saturday, but it will almost certainly also be a unique experience.


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3 responses to “Will Work for Beer in Wisconsin?

  1. Thanks for the plug, I love the idea of involving the beer and farm community in beer related events. Free hop picking tickets for the Simple Earth Hops Harvest Brewfest are available at: http://harvestbrewfest.eventbrite.com/ -Brew on!

  2. It sure is a cheeky idea to gather a heavy workforce. However, knowing people (an avid beer-drinker myself), I doubt if people would say “No” for such a job. Anyway, it sure is an innovative approach.

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