Enough With the Post Below

We have had our fun and expressed our incredulity with and regarding Steve “Pour Fool” Body, the “I don’t drink wine with food” bore exposed below. Now I leave the subject, and Mr. Body, with words from his own comment over at Joe Stange’s Thirsty Pilgrim blog:

That is what criticism is all about and everybody has the same remedy for someone they think is an idiot: Don’t Read Them. Problem solved.

I do, and I won’t. Farewell, Mr. Fool.


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2 responses to “Enough With the Post Below

  1. Works for me. I’ve left my comment at his blog — thanking him for calling me an “idiot” and thus, by his own evaluation, letting me know I must be saying the right things — and that’s the last time I’ll be back there.
    On to more important stuff, like writing up some notes for talks I’m giving at Ohio Brew Week; they told me Alan Eames gave 17 in three days when he was the guest of honor. No wonder he’s dead!

  2. Mike

    The blogosphere is filled with people who have more enthusiasm than knowledge – and I don’t mean only beer blogs. After all, the only barrier to becoming a blogger is desire.

    Sadly, with his current column, I see the NY Times Eric Asimov also demonstrates his own lack of beer knowledge and understanding. But, then, he writes primarily about wine, so I wonder what qualification the editors thought they saw when they asked him to write about beer as well?

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