Toronto Gets Its Own Saké Festival!

This is something of which all southern Ontario beer aficionados should take note. The Kampai Toronto Festival of Saké will take place in the Fermentation Cellar at Toronto’s Distillery District on Thursday, May 31, beginning at 6:30.

If you’re a fan of fermented grain beverage and don’t like saké, it may be because you have never tried good saké! At Kanpai, there will be over one hundred of them, all available for sampling alongside a selection of suitable appetizers, for only $65 (in advance) or $75 (after May 24). This is an event the likes of which Toronto has never before seen and is in my opinion an opportunity that should not be missed!

Check out all the details and buy your tickets at


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3 responses to “Toronto Gets Its Own Saké Festival!

  1. Mike

    Virtually all alcoholic drinks have a recommended serving container. In most cases, it is made of glass, although in the past, metal and ceramic containers were also used. Sake, though most commonly served in a ceramic type of cup, is often traditionally served in a small wooden box called a masu ( It is perhaps the only alcoholic drink served this way. While it certainly is unusual, it does have a very interesting effect on the sake.

  2. Mike

    Thanks, I hadn’t known that about the Finnish vessel. I’ll have to try that sometime.

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