Things Unsuitable for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a week Saturday. I know this because as in years past, but with a ferociousness never before seen, drinks companies from all over are filling my inbox with press releases explaining why their beer/booze/cocktail is what everyone should drink on St. Patrick’s Day. (Thus far, at least, I’ve not received any such missive from a winery, but there’s still a week to go, I guess. Anything is possible.)

Now, I’m not a big St. Patrick’s Day fan, being someone who: a) fails to see the fun inherent in getting falling down drunk; and b) drinks because I like it and/or am enjoying myself with friends, rather than it being an arbitrary day on which a massive marketing machine tells me I must find some place Irish-looking and drink stout and Irish whiskey — or worse, lager adulterated with green food dye! — until I’m legless. Call me a killjoy in you must.

But I’m really not out to ruin anyone else’s fun, just to suggest that at very least the spirit of the day should as much as possible be observed. And that does not mean imbibing the following:

1) Heineken tapped from a home-dispense system. Yes, it’s true, I have actually received a press release explaining that THE thing to drink on St. Patrick’s Day is the famous Dutch beer poured from the ridiculous Krupps home mini-keg tapping device that works only with Heineken mini-kegs. Why someone would buy one of these things in the first place remains a mystery to me, but why someone would do so for an Irish celebration in beyond understanding.

2) Vodka. Multiple companies have sent me missives explaining why their vodka cocktail is THE one to drink this St. Patrick’s Day, but my favourite is the one which suggests making something called the Irish Gold Cocktail, which involves flavouring a sugar syrup with bay leaves and then blending it with vodka and sparkling wine. I suppose the pale green sheen is what’s supposed to make it “Irish.”

3) A Grasshopper. Dale DeGroff calls the Grasshopper a suitable after-dinner drink, and if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me. But for sipping daintily while others around you are quaffing pints of stout? Not so much.

4) A Mojito. I’ve read the release three times now and I still don’t understand how they can possibly make the connection between St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns and a Mojito, but they do.



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12 responses to “Things Unsuitable for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. On 1: Heineken is the second-largest brewery in Ireland . Heineken lager itself is Ireland’s favourite brand of its favourite style of beer. Quick: give me a PR job!

    Can I have a shout-out for something else that’s totally unsuitable: the term “St Patty’s Day“. Thanks!

  2. And, of course, William of Orange came from the same country as Heineken,
    and one third of the Irish flag is orange!

    One more thing that’s not suitable for Paddy’s Day – confusing shamrocks with four-leaf clovers

  3. Feck, I hate blog programs that don’t post comments straight away, leaving you to think your comment was lost, and making you look a total tosser when you post the same thing twice in rapid succession, only worded differently because you can’t remember exactly what you said the first time round.

  4. But Stephen, a Mojito has green in it! OF COURSE it is an acceptable St. Patrick’s Day beverage! *eyeroll*

    It least they Peanut Butter and Jelly vodka people weren’t trying to tie in with St. Patrick’s Day.

  5. I’ll be in Boston for St Patrick’s Day. Drinking Pretty Things X Ale, hopefully.

  6. People would be better off drinking a Grasshopper from Big Rock

  7. Due to the competition for suitable entertainment, our club will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day the Saturday. The drink of choice will most likely be an IPA from the local craft Brewery, Captain Lawrence of Elmsford, NY.

  8. Stephen, you’ve obviously not read my blog post when I speculate what the day would look like if Patrick, on his return-trip to Ireland as a monk, missed, skipped past Ascension, and ended up in Cuba (hint, think San Patricio, and, you guessed it, Mojitos!)
    I also make an appeal for the decommissioning of the “Irish Car Bomb” drink.

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