It’s All Been Getting a Bit Heavy of Late

American beer love and hate; issues surrounding the existence of beer community, or the absence thereof; more about beer for women; daft signs in supermarket beer aisles.

Let’s all remember Stan’s Rule #5: It is only beer. And enjoy your long weekend, North Americans.


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9 responses to “It’s All Been Getting a Bit Heavy of Late

  1. But it has been good for comment threads!

  2. stephenbeaumont

    True, but it’s also been making kittens cry.

  3. The internets compare unfavorably to a nice pub in terms of conversation, don’t they? Poor kittens; we’ll have to give them a break.

  4. Cats don’t frigging read the internets…

  5. Mike

    If cats read the Internet maybe we’d have more blogs written by those who knew what they were writing about.

  6. Jan Biega

    I think the very point of the discussion over at Stan’s (which I couldn’t help but weigh in on) is about the fact that it is *not* only about beer, at least not to everyone…

  7. meow what is the point of this?

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