Disturbing Portents for Goose Island?

I’m not saying the the work atmosphere at Chicago’s Goose Island Brewing is going to hell in a handcart after Anheuser-Busch InBev assumes control, but it is interesting to hear what’s been happening at A-B’s American operations, as in this report from Wall Street Journal Reporter David Kesmodel.

It’s probably that the Goose is simply too small a piece of the ABIB puzzle for the bigwigs to screw with it the way they evidently have with the St. Louis and other American brewery operations. But still, it must be a disturbing report to read if you’re a present goose Island employee.


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3 responses to “Disturbing Portents for Goose Island?

  1. Decreased volume, so they’re going to increase cost per unit? For beer where the best selling p0int is the cost per unit?

    Yeah. I’d be demoralized too.

  2. I used to love Goose Island beer. There has been something different about it for about five years. They changed their formula quite a while ago. I hope it doesn’t get worse yet.
    I just started blogging please check my site! I love your material!


  3. Give ’em a chance I say. Let’s see what the take over does for the beer with time – then we can complain that they sold out.


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