Het Anker-Brewed Dentergems Comes to the US

I received a press release this morning announcing the return to the United States market of Dentergems White, following a four year absence. This I consider significant for the following reasons:

1) Dentergems belonged to Duvel, who could have elected to simply sit on the name and let it stay expired. Instead, they allowed Het Anker to acquire it and revive the old label;

2) Although not a lot of people know this, the original Dentergems brewer, Riva, was involved in the start-up of Unibroue in Québec, and in fact Blanche de Chambly was based on the white beer’s recipe; and

3) I have very fond memories of drinking the Dentergems back in the early 1990’s, if not the late 1980’s, and it may have been the second Belgian wheat I ever tasted, after Hoegaarden.

So welcome back, Dentergems. It’s been a while.

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