Waiting on the Wench

Over a month ago, I promised you two sets of (possibly) contrasting beer predictions, one by the jaded old geezer (yours truly) and the other by the fresh, youthful and energetic Beer Wench. And so far, nothing.

Not my fault, mind you. No, I’ve been waiting on the Beer Wench, Ms. Ashley Routson herself, who has been busy relocating, finding herself a job and, judging from her frequent Facebook status updates, doing almost everything except casting a gaze upon her crystal ball. I’ve cajoled, I’ve threatened, I’ve pleaded, and nothing.

So here it is, Wench, your final and very public warning. I give you but 24 hours more before I post my own predictions for 2011, alongside three of what I will guess might be your predictions. You may wind up looking sage and savvy, or you may…not. The only way you can be sure if to get me three legit prognostications before 9:00 a.m. EST tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Waiting on the Wench

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