Enough Style Bullshit…THIS IS Important!

I’ve just learned that Portland, Oregon beer legend Don Younger suffered a bad fall last week and is clinging to life in a Portland hospital. OregonLive.com is reporting that he is not expected to survive.

Don is and has long been an unstoppable force in Pacific Northwest craft beer circles, first with his landmark Horse Brass tavern and subsequently with a host of other beer-related projects, from the Belmont Station shop to the New Old Lompoc. Besides which he’s a terrific individual.

You’re in my thoughts, Don, and I’m sure those of hundreds of others within and without the beer world.


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2 responses to “Enough Style Bullshit…THIS IS Important!

  1. stephenbeaumont

    Jay Brooks is reporting that Don didn’t survive the night, succumbing to his injuries and other medical issues at 3:00 this morning. Rest in peace, Don.

  2. Very sad news, Steve. Yes, rest in peace my friend.

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