Western Canadian Beer

Brewing in the three Canadian provinces between Ontario and British Columbia doesn’t seem to get much ink, primarily because much of what’s brewed on the Prairies is of only incidental interest. But there do exist pockets of excitement, from Winnipeg’s Half Pints to Regina’s Bushwakker and Saskatoon’s Paddock Wood to Calgary’s Wild Rose and Edmonton’s Alley Kat.

And if you’d like to learn more about any of these or any other breweries along the wide expanse of the Canadian west, John Bowden’s your man. He has just begun a trip — in the middle of winter! Lunatic! — between Toronto and the BC coast, and is chronicling it at Canuck Brewer. Go on, join him for the ride, if only to see his pics of oversized fish and other statuary along the road.


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  1. JB

    I hope I have more to offer than pictures of ridiculously big tourist attractions along the way. Somehow my blog is morphing into thoughts on Canada and less than beer…but perhaps 9 hours alone in a car gets the mind wandering.

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