Tasted!: Creemore Springs urBock

I’ve had a mixed relationship with this beer through the years, up one year and down the next. This year’s version of the brilliantly amber-rust urBock falls somewhere in the middle, though, with a dryly malty aroma holding notes of toffee and apple, with a bit of candied orange fruitiness.

The body begins unassumingly enough, with a light caramelly sweetness leading into a more full-bodied middle that mixes toffee and lightly roasty malt, dried apple and a hint of smoke, along with just the slightest suggestion of nutmeg and brown spice. The finish is dry and mildly bitter and nutty, with a soothing though not overly obvious alcohol. I seem to recall describing this beer at one point as a roastier, beefed up version of Creemore Lager, and this version that description to mind once again.

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