And the Winner Is…

It will come as no surprise to readers that posts have been few and far beetween here while I tour a wide swath on England. Reason being that I often prefer to grab a pint here or a few minutes of rare and treasured sleep there rather that try to come up with something readable, silly me.

Another thing I haven’t been doing is following my blog feeds, so when I finally logged on this morning, I was curious as to who had been the most prolific in the beer blogging world since last I checked over a week ago, Frankly, my money was on Uncle Jack or Ron Pattinson.

But the surprise winner was…Jay Brooks, with an impressive 16 posts since my arrival on British shores on March 25. Congratulations Jay! Take a bow!


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3 responses to “And the Winner Is…

  1. I was bereft at your absence, Stephen, and took to bed with the vapors rather than posting. Actions have consequences, my friend.

  2. Damn, another award that’s been snatched from me.

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