Listen to This Man: He Speaks the Truth, Pt. II

You know by now that I have a bug up my ass about beer style, believing that while the basics still apply, pretty much everything else is fabrication and wishful thinking. And a while back, in the unidentified Pt. I of what seems now bound to become a series, I commended Joe “Not Strange” Stange, the Thirsty Pilgrim, for his keen observations.

Today, let us shift our gaze to the Czech Republic, where Max, the Pivní Filosof, or Beer Philosopher, offers some truthful words about the so-called “Imperial” pilsner style:

WOW!!! A strong Pale Lager!!! How innovative! How come nobody had ever (thought of) it before?!?!

Wait a second! They have! And long ago. Here you have two examples from the Czech Republic: Primátor Rytířský (at) 21% (Plato) and 9% ABV and Jihlavksý Grand with 18º Plato and 8% ABV, both have been brewed for quite a long time, already.

Thank you, Max, for an observation that I’m kicking myself for not having made long ago.

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