Beer Rule for the Holidays No. 10

(Just to piss off Stan.)

10. Now Is Not the Time to Go All “Locavore”: Eat local, drink local, hell, exist local at all other times of the year, if you wish, but not now. This is the season of indulgence, and you should use it as an excuse to drink from the full-to-the-brim cup of the brewing world.

Belgium; San Diego; Trieste; Japan; Victoria (B.C. or Oz): sip with enthusiasm of it all!

Not done yet…


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4 responses to “Beer Rule for the Holidays No. 10

  1. I hope you are gearing up to a grand finale about eating raw milk goat cheese as you drink tripels.

  2. (Just to piss off Stan.)

    You mean the list or the local part? Just so I know where to direct my pissiness . . .

  3. Sorry, although I favor consumption of locally produced food when sensible I’m also well aware of the shortcomings of the locavore approach.

    My devotion to local beer during our journey was as much educational as philosophical. Of course you could argue I’d also learn plenty by drinking what the locals drank, even if it weren’t local.

    Not only do I expect to be drinking the world tonight at a gathering where people bring Christmas beers, but if somebody brings Chimay cheese you can be sure I’ll be eating that as well.

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