More Beer Rules for the Holidays

A continuation from this post.

3. Pay Up or Shut Up: For the greater part of the year, you may debate, discuss and harangue about beer prices and their seemingly inexorable rise. Not now. Either enjoy the beer at the price being asked or don’t, but there’s to be no whining about it either way.

4. But Feel Free to Rationalize All You Want: The holidays are indeed a time of indulgence, so when better to rationalize the purchase of an over-the-top beer? “Why not? I deserve it and it’s the holidays anyway!” is a perfect way to salve a guilty conscience, at least until the credit card bill comes in next month.

Still more to follow…


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2 responses to “More Beer Rules for the Holidays

  1. I’d suggest paying for “over-the-top” beers in cash. That way you suffer buyer’s remorse only once, instead of again when the credit cards bill arrives.

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