Heads Up, Atlanta!

If you haven’t been over to my “Beer Tastings, Dinners & Events” page for a while, you might not know about my gig next week at the downtown Ritz-Carlton Hotel. And if you miss it, you might just wind up kicking yourself.

It’s a two parter, really, with a reception and beer tasting up first, followed by a gourmet beer dinner. Both sides are being sponsored by the Ritz-Carlton and Beer Connoisseur Magazine, and ticket and other details are available over at the magazine’s site.

I understand there are just a few tickets left for the dinner, and judging by the quality of Chef Bennett Hollberg’s menu, I expect those will be snapped up soonish. The big news not available at the Beer Connoisseur site, however, concerns the half-dozen brews we’ll be sampling at the tasting, all of which will be more than worth the price of admission.

I’m not going to give the game away, but consider this: we’ll have five countries represented, including one brand new beer from a highly respected, centuries old brewery, the only Canadian beer I have ever awarded my highest rating, and a venerable ale never before seen on these shores. And the other three won’t disappoint, either! And you’ll also be getting passed appetizers from Chef Hollberg’s kitchen.

Check it out, book your ticket and I’ll see you there!


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3 responses to “Heads Up, Atlanta!

  1. Stephen Rich

    That looks amazing Stephen, good luck! I’m sure it will be terrific. I wish I could be there, but Atlanta is out of my range right now. This weekend here is also filled with great beer events! I’ll be at C’est What’s Autumn festival on Friday, in Buffalo at Cole’s for a Dogfish Head beer and food tasting on Saturday afternoon, then at Bar Volo back in TO at night for their Dieu Du Ciel release party!

    Have fun in Atlanta, look forward to reading about it!

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