Not Lining Up For This One…

Can someone in the Philadelphia area explain to me what the organizers of the August 15 “International Great Beer Expo” think they’re doing? Because judging by the appearance of their website, they don’t seem to know themselves.

Here we are less than a month away from the event and the website lists a grand total of ten participating beers from a whole four breweries, with the majority coming from the giant AB-InBev. And not a single beer is of the kind you couldn’t easily find in pretty much any big chain bar or restaurant.

Even so, I might have greater hope for the development of this fest if the organizers appeared to be a little more on the ball. Hoegaarden is a German beer? That will certainly come as a surprise to the Belgians…


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3 responses to “Not Lining Up For This One…

  1. David

    I’d suggest going to this page….

    Then do some searching about the company and you will find some answers. They don’t have the best track record.

  2. First Stater

    They added 3 more breweries. Most I wouldn’t cross the street to drink their beers.

  3. Joris Pattyn

    The way ABInBev goes, in a couple of years Hoegaarden might well turn out German. Or Hungarian, Brazilian or Botswanian, for that matter…

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