EVERY Beer is Now an IPA

That’s it! Give up, people, because beer style no longer matters. In the wake of white IPAs, black IPAs, Belgian IPAs and session IPAs, we might as well accept it: All beers are now IPAs!

When you think about it, it works wonderfully. No more fussing with ales vs. lagers; now we just have warm-fermented and cold-fermented IPAs. Thirsty for a pilsner? Have this cold-fermented session IPA instead. Trappist ale? Nope, that’s a non-secular, high malt IPA. Kölsch Try cold-conditioned, low hop IPA.

Even Bud Light is now an IPA, except it’s a cold-fermented, low-flavour profile, ultra-session IPA.

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7 responses to “EVERY Beer is Now an IPA

  1. Don’t forget Rye IPA, Smoked IPA, Mild IPA and Alcohol Free IPA

  2. Progress stopper aka road blocker. Misnomers do get silly but this post is the silliest

  3. tim

    Waiting for Bud I.P.A.

  4. Please just don’t turn the black rye kölsches into IPAs. Please! I beg you!

  5. Mike B.

    I’ve had exactly the same thought, Stephen. It just makes me glad I don’t live in IPA country.

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